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Statement From Police Chief Mike Callaghan

An unprecedented event took place in our downtown community Tuesday.

During the span of less than an hour, there were more than a dozen drug overdoses that took place in a small geographic area on Bridge Street East, which resulted in a tremendous strain on all emergency services and hospitals in the Belleville and greater area.

At the height of this incident, an advisory was issued by the Belleville Police Service regarding unnecessary travel in the downtown core.

The media release was issued in response to an event that placed an extraordinary amount of stress on our emergency resources and health care system. It was aimed at ensuring an effective response of emergency vehicles and mitigating potential risks to public safety.

The Belleville Police Service understands this advisory may have caused inconvenience and concern among residents and businesses alike, however we want to reassure the community that our intent was not to discourage support for local businesses or undermine the vibrancy of our downtown core.

Rather, it was a necessary measure to prioritize emergency response efforts and safeguard the welfare of all individuals.

The Belleville Police Service values partnerships we have with residents, businesses, and stakeholders and are dedicated to working collaboratively to address concerns and find solutions.

Moving forward, we are committed to working closely with the downtown business community to address any concerns and explore ways to support success in our municipality.

We appreciate the understanding, patience, and support of the community as we navigate through these challenging times together.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Mike Callaghan

Chief  of Police - Belleville Police Service