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Suspended Drivers

Drivers who are convicted of driving while their licence is suspended for a Criminal Code conviction face high fines under the Highway Traffic Act.

  • $5,000 - $25,000 for a first conviction
  • $10,000 - $50,000 for subsequent convictions

Vehicle Impoundment

Under Ontario's Vehicle Impoundment Program, drivers who are caught driving while their licence is suspended for a Criminal Code conviction will have the vehicle they are driving impounded for a minimum of 45 days. Regardless of whether the vehicle is rented, leased, or loaned to a friend or family member, the vehicle will be impounded. The owner will be liable for all towing and impoundment costs.

Be Responsible. Vehicle owners are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure that every person who drives their vehicle has a valid driver's licence. This includes making certain the driver does not have an ignition interlock condition on their licence. 
Suspended Driving - Highway Traffic Act

Any police officer who, on reasonable and probable grounds, believes that a contravention of any of the provisions of subsection 9(1), subsection 12(1), subsection 13(1), subsection 33(3), subsection 47(5), (6), (7) or (8), section 51, 53, 130, 172 or 184, subsection 185(3), clause 200(1)(a) or subsection 216(1) has been committed, may arrest without warrant the person he/she believes committed the contravention.

Detaining Vehicle When Arrest is Made

A police officer or officer appointed for carrying out the provisions of this Act, making an arrest without warrant, may detain the motor vehicle with which the offence was committed until the final disposition of any prosecution under this Act or under the Criminal Code of Canada, but the motor vehicle may be released on security for its production being given to the satisfaction of a justice of the peace or judge.

Care and Storage Charges

All costs and charges for the care and storage of a motor vehicle detained under subsection (4) are a lien upon the motor vehicle, which may be enforced in the manner provide by the Repair and Storage Liens Act.