Crime Prevention

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The Latest Fraud Scams:

Current crime trends include mortgage fraud, identity theft, "skimming operations”, as
well as internet fraud involving money orders.

Grandparent Scam

This scam involves elderly persons being contacted, advising that a family member – usually a grandchild – has been arrested in a foreign country, needs medical attention, or is in need of car repairs far from home. The caller requests money to be wired to some location in the world in aid of the family member. This scam is designed to make the elderly person panic and wire the money. We recommend potential victims to contact their family members and make attempts to verify the validity of the claim. Our local policing partners have also been experiencing similar issues and have put out a safety message with respect to the issue. Please see video here.

Be on the Lookout for the Overpayment Scam

This crime unfolds with a victim placing an advertisement in the local newspaper for items they are attempting to sell. A response is received indicating that the suspect is very interested in the item. The suspect will then send the victim a cheque, usually double the amount, ask the victim to cash the cheque, and then forward the remainder of the money through the use of a money-transfer service. Once the money is sent, the suspect leaves the victim responsible for the entire amount due to the cheque being counterfeit, "washed” or stolen. A "washed cheque” is one which has been washed with a solution-based product that basically strips the tender of any printing. We urge you to be careful when selling your property, especially when presented with a cheque that exceeds the selling price.

Protect Your Data on Your Wireless Devices

Oftentimes, people store confidential personal and work information on their wireless device, whether itis a cell phone, tablet, or laptop computer. If the device is lost or stolen youand your place of employment's security could be compromised.

Beware of Dumpster Divers

Be careful when discarding personal documents. Criminals who specialize in fraud are known to "dumpster dive” in order to obtain this personal information to apply for credit or new identification. We suggest you shred all personal information so you don't become a victim of this illegal activity.

Be Cautious When Using Your Credit Card or Debit Card

Be careful when using your credit or debit cards for purchases in any type of business. Investigations have been completed locally where cameras have been found strategically placed in order to view your PIN number when completing a transaction. Furthermore, it has been discovered that certain debit devices have been tampered with where card information is duplicated when the card has been swiped. Do not hesitate to report suspicious activities of this nature. Remember; change your pin numbers frequently.

Frequent Internet Scam

We continue to receive numerous complaints from citizens who have been receiving emails asking to assist unknown persons in cashing counterfeit or photocopied money orders or cheques. We advise you to terminate communications with these persons immediately.Assisting with or attempting to cash these documents will generate a police investigation and possibly criminal charges.