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Seized Vehicles
Every day several vehicles are seized by the Police for any number of reasons.

Reasons for seizing a vehicle may include:

Impaired driving or 12 hour licence suspension
Highway Traffic Act offence
The occupant was arrested and cannot care for the vehicle
Impeding traffic
The vehicle may be evidence to a crime

When a vehicle is seized the police will ensure the vehicle is safe and secure. Ordinarily the vehicle will be towed to the police impound yard in the geographical area in which it is seized. The police will then make an effort to contact the Registered Owner of the vehicle. This may not always be the person that had been recently driving it. Only the owner is authorized to pick up the vehicle.

When the registered owner is notified of the vehicle seizure they will be required to attend the police station and upon providing sufficient identification the vehicle will be released to the registered owner. The police will provide that person with a release form. This form must be taken to the tow yard to claim the vehicle.

A vehicle will not be released from the tow yard without a properly authorized release form.

When the vehicle is claimed at the tow yard the registered owner will be provided with a bill for towing and storage expenses incurred.

The cost of the tow and subsequent storage are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle.

The location of the Belleville Police Service pound facility will be given to the registered owner at the time they pick up the vehicle release form.