Crime Prevention

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Stop Phone Fraud Just Hang Up

Some Classic Signs of a Criminal Telemarketer:

It sounds too good to be true. 

phone fraudIf you've won a big prize in a contest that you don?t recall entering or you?re offered once-in-a-lifetime investment that offers a huge return.

You must give them your private financial information.
The caller asks for all your confidential banking and/or credit card Information. 

You must pay or you can?t play.
You?re a winner but you must agree to send $ to the caller in order to pay for delivery, taxes, duties or other fees in order to receive your prize.

Will that be cash?or cash?
They often ask you to send cash or a money order, rather then a cheque or credit card.  Cash is untraceable and can?t be cancelled.

It's the manager calling.
The person calling claims to be a government official, tax officer, Banking official, lawyer or some other person in authority.

Telephone Fraud